Projects and Ideas

This page is constantly evolving and the contents are by no means comprehensive. Projects are here in green, ideas in gold


Flows/Flujos is a series of work exploring global networks of production and supply, using interactive mapping and fact-based fictional narratives. Exhibited in London, Mexico City and Berlin, Flows/Flujos can also be experienced online.

Time Slides, Time Slides #Fail

Prepared for the Berlin-based show, The Ability to Fail in Public, Time Slides and Time Slides #Fail use sound to distort time and place, exploring how our perception of our present condition is conditional on  auditory input.

Open Droplet

Open Droplet is an open hardware water flow metre that uses acoustic sensing to measure how much water you use. It will provide disaggregated information for indoor environments, combined with novel, evocative interfaces and contextual information about water systems. For more on Open Droplet please visit iilab’s site. Or view my presentation on Open Droplet to the WATEF network for the ICT for Water Efficiency Virtual Masterclass in December 2014.

New Atlantis/ Not Waving

New Atlantis is an immersive theatre extravaganza set in 2050, exploring how humanity will deal with forthcoming challenges around water. I am creating a digital interactive sculpture, Not Waving, for the show which leverages phase transitions in water to explore the link between our activity online and the future of the planet. Read more about New Atlantis on the Enlightenment Cafe website.

Openness and Failure

I’ve been fascinated in our attitudes to failure in different disciplines, and how to assess success in cross-disciplinary collaborations. Recently I took part in an exhibition called The Ability to Fail in Public, organised by Claudia Mannigel. It’s something we’re also exploring with Open Droplet.

Interdisciplinarity and ways of knowing

Invisibility and reality

Embodied experience and perception

IoT and the environment


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