Première: Symphony | The Matter of the Soul at Howard Assembly Rooms, Opera North



Performance: Symphony | The Matter of the Soul

23rd October 2018
Howard Assembly Rooms, Opera North, Leeds

This performance is the première of the symphony from Arctic empathy artwork The Matter of the SoulIt will include live improvisation using both traditional and unconventional instruments, and will include sculptural elements as part of the performance.

Tickets available from Eventbrite

Kunst vs Climate Change – lecture performance at Fusion Festival


Thursday 28th June
21:30 ConTent, Fusion Festival, Germany

Can we learn to love others, who may not be human, enough to live in synchronicity together? Kat Austen will elaborate on multi-sensory ways of creating emotional connections with other entities in the environment. Kat will draw on her work in embodied, experiential artworks and will perform live a new musical composition from project about empathy with the Arctic, “The Matter of the Soul”.