Crowdsourced Bio for Kat F Austen

A  bio can never contain a whole person. Kat’d much rather meet you. In the absence of that opportunity, or if you need a refresher: Kat F Austen is a succession of experiences and an assemblage of aspirations.  She is also a person.  In her work she melds disciplines, and in the temporal melting-pot of her life so far she has produced work as an artist, an environmental scientist, a writer and much in  between.

As an artist Kat deals with themes of environment, social justice, communities and human relations to digital culture. She explores networks of unseen influence – whether that is by allegorically simulating the impact of social networks or crafting the invisible human-scale stories of global systems. She aims to understand truth-seeking and collective actions. Among other things, she tends towards adventure, humour, depth and  surprise. In her artwork, she creates experiences, stories and playful installations, mixing fact and fiction closely, so troublesome. She wants to touch your heart, mind, soul, body.

Kat is Artist in the Arctic 2017 for Friends of Scott Polar Research Institute (University of Cambridge), Bonhams and One Oceans Expeditions, and Artist in Residence at the Faculty of  Maths and Physical Sciences, University College London. She has been artist for LAStheatre, The Clipperton Project and Utter! Spoken word,  among others. She is a member of critical art collective Stereotropic Anecdota, and in 2016 was visiting lecturer and Artist in Residence at New York University Shanghai. She was Head of  Research and Design at social enterprise  iilab, leading the Open Droplet water sensor project, which was recently  included on the  Serpentine Gallery’s platform, and the Engineering Comes Home project. With these project, she is focussing on co-design, physically evocative representations of data and community stewardship of water.

Kat has exhibited and performed at, among others, Kühlhaus, Berlin; SPACE, London; NYU Shanghai Gallery, Shanghai; Palazzo Ducale, Genoa, Italy; Piksel Festival, Bergen, Norway; MIKK, Murska Sobota, Slovenia; Kulturbrauerei, Berlin, Germany; Kreuzberg Pavillion, Berlin, Germany; Schwartz Gallery, London, UK; Regenerate Gallery, London, UK; The Crystal, London, UK; Museo Diego Rivera, Mexico City, Mexico; South Cloisters, University College London, UK; Rich Mix, London, UK as part of Festival of Dangerous Ideas… her work is also present in private collections.

This bio was crowdsourced, because we are only ourselves within society.


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