Exploring Dispersal – melting away in the Arctic

I’m in the midst of preparing to head to Canada for a 2 week visit to Baffin Island at the end of this month – part of my Artist in the Arctic residency this year with the Friends of SPRI (Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge, UK)
I will be exploring the effect of melting ice on the ocean by focussing on the concept of dispersal. I’ll be creating a sound and sculptural work exploring the changes in pH and salinity of the Arctic Ocean around Baffin Island, drawing analogies with concurrent changes in culture and identity.
I’ll be taking with me scientific equipment (pH and conductivity meters, thanks to UCL Chemistry Department) which I’m intending to use to generate sound work for the residency by capturing the transformation of melting ice to ocean water.
These recordings will be edited together with interviews about migration and changing cultural identity with residents of and visitors to Baffin Island.
The equipment I’ll be using is:
Mettler Toledo Delta 320 pH Meter and a Jenway 4010 Conductivity Meter.
I’ll also be conducting interviews with residents and visitors to the island to discuss the effect on culture and on the self of migration.

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