Post-truth is not the only option

I was fortunate enough to spend a couple of hours with the incredible Joanna Hoffmann at Art Science Node Berlin today. Our discussion led in multiple directions, and what I want to share right now is the consolidation of thoughts I first voiced last weekend when I lectured about the Coral Empathy Device to PhD students at University of the Arts Poznan.

The idea is that post-truth practices are answering a gap that arises from our reliance on cognitive knowledge as the main valid form of knowledge – including datafication of everything – particularly in politics. This neglect of other forms of knowledge – aesthetic, embodied, cultural and more – has created a void in our socio-political and environmental relations that has been filled by emotive, populist rhetoric that undermines the validity of the knowledge we have. As an alternative I propose we augment this cognitive and data derived knowledge with more emotionally connecting knowledges, to achieve a more integrated understanding of the world, and to once again embark on a quest for a type of truth.

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