Icebergs hit London

After a fantastic 2 weeks working with prop maker and mould guru Ben Palmer at his Berlin workshop, I took the three iceberg moulds via plane and train to London, to UCL’s Ice Physics lab. Here they’re growing and freezing under the stewardship of the un-frosty Ben Lishman.

Ben is researching friction in ice, which should help engineers and climate modellers work out where ice will flow and how it will behave. It’s a tricky topic, he tells me, because the properties vary depending no only on the temperature of the ice but also on what’s in the water. I’m hoping the next month of iceberg production will help inform his research by providing new data on friction between ice and silicone in strange shapes!

You’ll also notice that there’s a water boiler lurking in these photos. A vital part of the forthcoming sculpture for New Atlantis, I had a delightful hour in Nisbett’s catering supplies in Shoreditch working out flow rate from the water boiler, and its tap stability, with a very amused, helpful staff member (who asked not to be named).

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