Experiments in #Fail -ure


I have the pleasure of exhibiting next week at the Kreuzberg Pavillion in a show curated by the amazing Claudia Mannigel – called The Ability to #Fail in Public – (**edit /15:41/ – the title was inspired by my post, not the overall sensory concept for the exhibition which is all Claudia’s, who has been very visionary in the creation of the show ** inspired somewhat by my earlier post Are You Happy to #Fail in Public?)

For the exhibition, I’m aiming to make a site-specific work that plays off the location of the gallery on the quiet square on Naunynstraße in Berlin by recording and playing back sound in real time. But there’s very little time to make the piece – especially as I have to dash off to work in Brussels on something else all week – and I am trying to use a Raspberry Pi for the first time in a sound installation. All in all, it’s rather ambitious – although quite comparable to the level of ambition for all the projects we thought of for the exhibition – and I’ve had to put in place quite a few contingency plans in case I can’t pull it off. Hence the title of the show!

So, in order to try to get this show on the road, I have got myself an audio card for the RPi and have got some way with setting it up. Then things got way too complicated for me at 11pm last night and I had to call in the cavalry. This morning, we have got this far – with the help of Claudia’s speakers – we can play mp3s through the sound card with real time processing (technical bits to follow) at a volume loud enough for an outside installation. I may even manage to exhibit without needing a mains power line thanks to a new piece of kit I got – a lovely battery thingy that can power speakers and the RPi.

With me leaving tomorrow evening, #success is by no means certain… but hope springs eternal.

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