the owls are not what they seem

It’s not so often you ask for chalk from a bar man. It’s even less often that he’ll have some to give.


But that’s what happened a couple of weeks ago when I was out celebrating a friend’s birthday in Mason & Taylor on Bethnal Green Road, East London. We’d noticed that the walls of the basement bar were, in true Shoreditch style, blackboard, and that some clever so-and-so had been going to town creating white chevrons. Not to be left out, I decided the only thing to do was try and sweet talk the absolutely lovely barman into letting me get creative to the banging tunes.

It turned out that lovely barman, aka Will of Woman’s Hour (check out their dreamy dream-pop), was the one who’d chalked up the walls in the first place, for a night dedicated to the deliriously weird TV series Twin Peaks. Anyway, Will didn’t take too much convincing to furnish me with the necessary tools and before long I had abandoned my boogying buddies to sit on the bar-room floor and execute a rather nifty little organic pattern much like the one you may have seen before on Jamie’s Birthday Card.

Well Will liked it so much he asked me back, and on Friday last I scooted over after work to chalk up a mural of rather more epic proportions before the bar opened for its second Twin Peaks themed evening.

I was all up for doing a phoenix – one of my favourite motifs – but according to Will’s wishes I kept with the theme, which is why you now see this, my first ever drawing of an owl, debuting on the M&T basement bar walls. I hope you like it, drawing it was a real hoot.

Remember, the owls are not what they seem…


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