A rainy night and a dragon – draft 1

Blue light flashes under a raincoat

Telling me someone’s still awake

The sky is yellow and the sounds are wet

Pat pat pat pat pat pat

A little light says hello

In my hand

And the smoke

So warm

Turns me into a dragon

And I crouch 

And I look up

And snatches

Of young words

Reach me from beyond

I looked down from the air 

And a man in the street

Was arguing in his ears

And It’s gone

And the life went


Life still goes on

Fizz, takes away the heat

But there’s still some in a cup

And I cried but I don’t know why

And I played and I don’t know why

Saying goodbye

To what life used to be

So much around


But there’s only me

And from now on

That’s all there’ll be


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