In Pictures: ReCycle (1)


This is one of my favourites: my piece "ReCycle (1)", which was commissioned by Williams Art, Cambridge. 

This kinaesthetic sculpture consists of parts of 3 bicycles, reclaimed computer wires, a circuit board, an old fence and a head phone jack, which literally holds the whole thing together. The mechanism works around a closed hub system, where the observer interacts with the art by turning the bicycle cranks. This enables them to experience the eternal chase, depicted by the Tour de France and a freight lorry that symbolises both technology and environmental degredation. The backdrop is a deceptively green field, which is actually a photograph of the destructive palm oil plantations in Borneo. The inclusion of a close-up of wheat adds weight to the commentary of the controversial push by the biofuel industry for its adoption, and the debate over its environmental benefits.

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