Exhibiting at Money on Trial

I’m exhibiting at Mutiny’s Money on Trial event at Resistance Gallery, 265 Poyser Street, London, E2. Come along! You need a ticket, you can get it from the site linked to here.Here’s Clare’s invitation to the event:MUTINY invites you to MONEY ON TRIAL…Mutiny presents a series of carnivalesque evenings providing live entertainment and meaningful debates. We are a network of activists who have come together to create an exciting, safe space for discussion, critical theory and alternative media.Our debut event, Money on Trial, takes place on Thursday, September 24.There will be three main themes: Has money destroyed the music business; Can the money markets deliver on climate change and Can the government be trusted with our money?A taste of what can be expected: leader of Pirate Party UK on the implications of filesharing and the onslaught of government reforms trying to be introduced; a showing of the brilliant Greenpeace film A Time Comes about the occupation of Kingsnorth directed by Nick Broomfield; the latest Vestas film from Reel News and a cameo performance from Victory, a hip hop star from the People’s Army collective.Plus art exhibits from Anna Logophobia, Green artist Kat Austen and the Young Unknowns.The best part, however, is the audience. I mean, what do we know about anything? We need you to join the Mutiny.Doors open at 6pm with music and the performances start at 7pm so get there early.


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