Utter! Misguided tour of Hackney

As promised, I’m finally uploading the stuff from last Saturday’s Misguided tour. It was ever so much fun, although my hangover definitely made walking around one of London’s liveliest areas a bit more effort than it should have been. We started off outside Hackney Central station, opposite the Railway Tavern. On the tour there were clocks and “H’s” everywhere.


Our esteemed tour guide Richard Tyrone Jones told us that there is half a tube station in Hackney: Manor House. Maybe that derth explained the prevalence of cycle paths and buses. We headed past the relocated and the radioactive grave (said Richard) to one of Hackney’s highlights, Sutton House…


And then on to Tesco…the security guard was not very pleased at having over 50 people descend on the carpark, and wouldn’t even let us in the shop. Richard was forced to “cross the red line” so that he wasn’t on Tesco property any more, in order to perform his poem about Tesco, as we all stamped and clapped the beat.


Interestingly, the first Tesco was opened in Hackney. If that’s interesting.After the fun of being evicted from the Tesco car park I was saddened by the irony of seeing a ghost bike chained to a post that also played host to a cycle safety campaign.


Onwards though. Onwards to the Hackney Empire, Town Hall and Museum, and then further to the open mic at Nathan Penlington’s house, where Nathan himself bent a spoon, Uri Geller style. Can you spot it?


Quite a full day!


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