Flea Circus exhibition

I’ve been so pushed for time since, well, forever, that I didn’t publicise or write up anything about the Flea Circus exhibition I did on the 23rd July. It went really well, though it was fraught with excitement for me after I made the, some might say, not pragmatic decision to make my newest piece from a 2′ by 4′ solid plywood pallet. I had no idea how I would get it to the Candid Cafe, nor had I any idea how we’d mount it. Thankfully, both issues were taken care of for me by lovely, kind and helpful boys in my absence (me being stuck at work). So here it is – Play on Words – with me in the pic for good measure


And here is My Chemical Life


I had a great time, the acts were fab, and Richard Tyrone Jones asked me to be the artist in residence on his Utter! tour of Hackney, and for Brixton and the Edinburgh festival too. Sadly I’m away for the Edinburgh fest, but my next post will inform you about my Misguided tour of Hackney!

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