Thank you to the NHS

I have been in and out of surgeries etc recently what with one thing and another. Today, I had yet another appointment (in the overloaded borough of Tower Hamlets) and as I was waiting – my appointment was late – it struck me just how hard these guys work. The doctors, the nurses, the receptionists – at every practice I’ve ever attended they regularly work late, take longer than the allotted time over appointments if necessary, and are invariably kind and polite. The NHS can get a lot of stick for the waiting lists and understaffing. What I have to say is I think they do an amazing job. Thank you to all the good people who work for the NHS. I think you do a brilliant job.PS: as I was writing this, the nurse I saw today phoned me to tell me my prescription was wrong and she was really sorry about it. She was ever so nice. It’s not brilliant, but by ‘eck would we be stuffed if these guys weren’t around.


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